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Weight Problem

Posted by Ben, Dec 22 2008, 07:55 AM

With Dutch genes I've always been tall and thin. To help put on weight I eat a lot, including cheese, butter, full cream yogurt and guzzling a litre of full cream milk a day. Annoying to me are exercise machines with modes for "weight loss" without a mode for "weight gain". That's a breach of equal opportunity against thin people. Every few years I have a routine medical checkup. Recently my Perth Doctor told me all was OK: liver function, blood pressure, testosterone level, etc except cholesterol; up from a few years ago. I've always detested skim milk, soya milk and all those horrible tasting milk substitutes. I already catch and eat more fish than red meat but giving up on oysters and prawns is a dismal thought.

If is sit too much I loose a bit of weight. With a moderate amount of exercise: surfing and cycling Perth streets, I maintain weight but this type of aerobic exercise does not build a lot of muscle. Apart from spending boring amounts of time pumping iron in a Perth gym is anyone able to advise me how to put on weight by eating delisious tasting food without too much sugar or cholesterol? For now I'll tend towards an Asian seafood restaurants in Perth.


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