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I booked flights back to Perth today after my daughter was born a few days ago near Arriving at the end of winter and beginning of hay fever season. That sound pessimistic but there are many positives to Perth one of the best places on earth.

I rode my fold-up bicycle through the Tha Bo markets this morning. There was a lady selling cinnamon bark. That was the only thing she was selling. I don't know if there was a big demand for that item in this small town today. Another was selling shallots. I bought some fresh orange juice blended with crushed ice. It is humid here while Perth is freezing. This will be my first winter away from Perth in years.

We're in the VIP room of the Thabo Crown Prince Hospital (TCPH) @ $30 per day. It is very clean. The staff are very good and well trained. The Isan food for 2 is delicious - better than restaurants and included in the $30 per day. Baby was a little jaundice, so they're giving her UV lamp therapy. Nurses guaranteed me there is no risk of skin cancer with this low dose and filtered spectrum. The beautiful Thai nurses are very cute and caring with baby so I am inclined to believe them. There's free internet so now with lap top I write this thinking of my Perth home near the beach and up-dating my new

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