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> Business Coaching Perth, Coaching & Mentoring with Perth's No.1 Business Coach
post Sep 23 2009, 12:06 PM
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Finally! A business coach with real business experience.

Perth's No. 1 Business Coach provides personalised 1 on 1 business coaching and business mentoring to Perth business owners that want a boost up to the next level. Don't expect the traditional conservative business coaching approach - but expect to be challenged, equipped and inspired. Money back guarantee!


So why work with Big FAT Coach?

1. Banish stress and confusion
Learn time proven secrets that guarantee success. Itís more than just methods and formulae; itís about transformative change, about who you are, your attitudes and ex≠pectations. Youíll be more relaxed, more analytical and purposeful, hand picking opportunities, and youíll use your business reports as an effective tune-up tool. That way youíve got a healthier thriving business, producing the remarkable results and deep satisfaction you want.

2. Generate mega-profits

Double or even triple your present profits, or why not even multiply your profits nineteen times over like I did? Reduce your working hours for more leisure time. Learn how to make your business keep producing long after youíve finished working. Did you know that there are six factors which form the basis of sound business operating principles? Youíll learn to master these, with many others, which will guarantee your business success; key strategies which when implemented, can earn you, literally, hundreds of thousands. Some business owners go even further and profit millions of dollars, they are rare birds but they catch on and apply what they learn superbly.

3. Eliminate what you tolerate

Just having your Big FAT Coach (BFC) there helps you renew your perspective. Suddenly, you are aware of things that you have just tolerated in your life and in your business for years. Things that donít fit or donít belong get pruned. You always knew you should have done it, but suddenly it all seems so easy and purposeful. Pruning every branch that doesnít bear fruit is a recipe for mega-yields. Having someone experienced to bounce ideas off creates a synergy. You act with purpose and integrity and find your flow Ė thatís what BFC will help you discover.

4. Transform your biggest threat into your prime opportunity

The one thing that kills more businesses than anything is poorly managed GROWTH. Instead of making fatal mistakes, BFC helps you slow down, evaluate, hand pick opportunities and succeed. See, itís not just about growth, itís about transformation that brings sustainable growth. Youíll learn the secrets of encouraging and motivating your team members, so that everyone becomes a builder of your busi≠ness - yes, even when you are not present, your business will continue to grow. You will be taught how to recognize and employ potential industry performers, and learn what makes a robust business. The end result is your profits, rather than your headaches, become leveraged from your growth.

5. Dump your business partner

Yes, thatís right! Having a Big FAT Coach is a bit like having a partner that you can send packing without having to pay half of your profits. During the 12-month mentor≠ing program, you get to draw from all of your coachís best ideas and strategies and be transformed like iron sharpening iron. Then you can dump your coach and contin-ue to profit from his ideas and resources! No expensive buy out, no litigation, and absolutely no hard feelings. Thatís the benefit of working with BFC!

6. Sell your business for a superior price

Discover how to unlock the hidden value in your business. Sometimes you can cream in more money from the sale of your business than you earn in all the years you manage it! Your business sale is the single most important transaction that you will make in the life of the business. Do it well and youíve found a gold mine. Do it poorly and you come away with a fraction of the potential value. BFC can help you plan your exit and sale strategy and ensure that you access and maximise the concealed value in your business.

7. Eliminate business block

Your Big FAT Coach is a consistent point of accountability. This helps you avoid one of the most damaging snares in any business: procrastination. Usually it is because of a lack of focus; constantly attending to the tyranny of the urgent and disregarding the still, quiet voice of the important. Your Big FAT Coach helps you gain clarity on the real issues, blueprint your focus on the important, achieve your plans and find success.

8. Multiply your brilliance

Itís about learning what works best for you, and then fine tuning and multiplying the re≠sult 50 or 1000 times over. You discover how to easily quantify the effectiveness of every function in your business. BFC can help you revive the art of marketing that actually works!

9. Run your business on rocket fuel

Youíve got complimentary access to appro≠priate learning resources from your coachís library. Your Big FAT Coach has spent hours, not to mention thousands of dollars, sourcing a valuable collection of books, audio and visual learning resources. Lessons from the worldís most successful business people are right at your fingertips.

You also have access to innovative busi≠ness tools. They streamline your business --- help you make wise investments and astonishing savings. Instead of spending your own time developing tools and systems from scratch, youíre in the market, capturing territory and earning profit - like printing money, only legal!

Also, you gain access to an extensive network of suppliers and customers:
-- Need a top import agent? Editor? Recruitment specialist?
-- Advice on employment practice and legislation?

Ö Just ask your Big FAT Coach.

Big FAT Coach - Perth's No1. Business Coach & Mentor
Business Management Consultant
Visit our website - Business Coaching Perth
17 Geordie Rise
Sorrento, WA 6020
‎(08) 9467 4858

Big FAT Coach - Perth's No1. Business Coach & Mentor
Business Management Consultant
Business Coaching Perth website
Big FAT Coach email enquiry
17 Geordie Rise, Sorrento, WA 6020
(08) 9467 4858
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post Oct 30 2014, 11:37 AM
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