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Who is driving your limo

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:40 PM

When hiring a limousine in Perth one of the most important things to consider is who will be driving you the owner driver or the employee. The service you receive may differ a lot between the two one has the customers interest at heart the other has his or hers paycheck. Imagine hiring Perth limo and itís the limo driverís first job. You want to be able to sit back relax and enjoy your Perth limousine experience without having to explain where you are going to some novice driver or arrive late to your destination .
Itís far better to be driven by an owner than be driven by a part time driver. Professionalism and experience go along way. A fully trained experienced chauffeur understands your needs and requirements is flexible and have an impeccable knowledge of Perth.
These days it seems everyone wants to be a Perth limousine operator and their lack of knowledge and experience shows in the service they deliver
A bad operator can ruin your Perth limousine experience A great one can make your experience a memorable and enjoyable one
If you are hiring a limo in Perth it is worth asking who will be driving you.
Do they own the car or just drive it?
How long have they been a chauffeur?
Have they had any formal training as a chauffeur?
Do they have police clearance to work with children?
Do they have all the appropriate license endorsements?

Many people overlook this and hire a Perth limo on cheap price alone. All too often cheap prices equal cheap service.
As we are Perth limousine operators ourselves we know the costs involved in operating a reputable limousine company.
If there cutting corners in the way they operate their business are they cutting corners on the road?
Lately the horror stories we hear of bad service, poor vehicle presentation, rude drivers, limousines being late or not arriving at all and double booking or late cancelations have become far too common.
When hiring a Perth limousine choose carefully and do your research
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Mercedes limobus facts

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:37 PM

The new Mercedes limo vans have taken off and there seems to be some confusion regarding them
So here are some facts about them for you
Each and every limovan is custom built and no two are alike. Many limousine companies use generic photoís the first limovan built in Australia which happens to be the most published and awarded limovan in Australia they also advertise the features fitted to this limo bus Be sure the limobus you are going to hire is the one that is being advertised
Other things that many limousine companies advertise is the fact that you can stand up, mingle and dance inside the limo bus Yes itís true the limovans have a enormous amount of interior space and the ability to stand up inside what they fail to tell you about is that it is illegal and you can only do this when the limovan is parked and not on the road it is also very unsafe to do this while the limobus is moving Itís a offence not to wear a seatbelt in a limousine and it puts your safety at risk as you are standing in a moving vehicle if there happens to be sudden braking or a unfortunate accident. Mercedes limo vans are fitted with the latest safety features including E.C.S (electronic stability) moving and dancing around in these vehicles while travelling greatly affects the vehicles braking, handling and stability.
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Perthlimobus Perth's premier limovan company

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:34 PM

Perthlimobus is Perth's most sought after limovan company, offering you levels of limousine service, quality and presentation never seen in Perth before, from your first contact to your big event we are dedicated to providing you with a limousine service you will remember forever. If you need to move people, we do it with precision. Perth limobus limousines are custom built to a demanding level of specification; our limos are state of the art and fitted with the latest in audio and visual entertainment.
Our Perth limos can be customised to your preference; if you have a need Perth limo bus can fulfil it. Perth limos bus has over 10 years experience in destination management and can handle the needs of our clients. We provide an unsurpassed level of customer service and a truly professional limousine service that can deliver what clients are looking for. Perth limovan limo hire offer high end luxury limousine hire for corporate limousine transportation, wedding limousines, school ball limos, concert and event limo hire, sporting events, wedding car hire, Perth airport transfers chauffeured car hire, party limos, chauffeured limousines, hens night limos, swan valley wine tours and birthday parties.
Perthlimobus has set the standard for presentation and customer service.
Our operations centre is there to answer your call 24/7 whether you need a quote or a ride.

We invite you to sample the Perth limo bus difference.
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Hiring a Perth limo

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:31 PM

A limousine service makes any special occasion exciting.
Choosing the best limo service for your needs can be a little daunting as there are a lot of things to take into consideration. Here are some suggestions about how to hire the perfect limousine for you. When choosing a limo you will need to know several things Ė how many people will be using the limo, the type of celebration, how many hours do you require the limousine for and where will you be travelling to
Choosing the correct limousine for your occasion makes all the difference, regardless of your choice of limo you need to have one with plenty of room and adequate seating. Imagine hiring a limousine that is too small to accommodate all of your party.
Your next consideration is price and service, great service and high end limousines are not cheap, prices and service does vary between limousine companies When you start comparison shopping for limos be sure you are comparing apples to apples and not apples to oranges the bottom line should be the best service and limousine for your budget Be sure to choose a flexible limo company who will tailor their services to meet your specific requirements
You should get a package deal if your hiring a limousine for a school ball or a wedding in a typical package deal there will be a preset amount of hours the limousines is hired for
But be aware of cheap prices, cheap prices often mean cheap service also recently some companies are quoting cheap prices to get bookings then continue to quote for the same day and time at higher rates When they get a booking for the higher rate they cancel the other job leaving the customer without a limo
An important point to remember is that early reservations are suggested for special events, especially if they are big occasions like weddings, school balls and concerts
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Perth concert, event and party limos

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:29 PM

Perth limo bus events concert and party limos gives you a rock star experience
Going to see your favorite artist, brought your concert tickets, going to watch your favorite sporting team, birthday, hens night or party, got all your friends together, now how are you going to get there? Perth limo bus events, concert and party limousine hire is the answer. Start your night in a luxury limousine and travel like a VIP. Our immaculately presented limos set the mood for a great night. We can create a playlist for you or bring your own IPod or music DVD of your favorite artist sit back and get ready to party. No parking hassles or public transport. At the end of the night your Perth limo bus event, concert and party limo will be there waiting for you to take you home safely or drop you off at a location of your choice.
Perth party limos are a fantastic way to surprise a loved one
Birthday, anniversary, a romantic dinner, movie, night out on the town or just a fun limousine ride Perth limo bus limousines are the perfect way to travel and enjoy that special moment in luxury. Perth limo bus party limos can also cater for any special requirements you may have. Perth limo bus party limousine service the perfect party limo service for your next special occasion.
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Perth Airport limousine service

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:27 PM

Perthlimobus AIRPORT & HOTEL limousine transfers are the luxurious way to travel to or from your hotel or Perth airports in style Our immaculately presented PERTH AIRPORT transfer limos are equipped with the latest in audio visual entertainment and operated by our professionally trained chauffeurs
Our hotel & airport limos service delivers you a level of luxury and sophistication with a courteous, professional and reliable Perth airport limousine transport.

Perth Airport Pick up Service
Perth limo bus Perth airport transfers chauffeured limousines will greet you upon your arrival in the terminal , assist you with baggage and escort you to your waiting Perth airport limousine safely transporting you to your Perth hotel or destination of choice. We can also remain with our vehicle at the curbside for those who need no luggage service.

Airport Drop Offs
Our operations staff check the status of outbound flights prior to picking up clients. If we have been provided with flight information we are able to inform clients about potential delays that may affect travel.
Missed Airport Connections
Our fleet managers constantly monitor flight status and schedules and keep our chauffuers up to date with flight information.

VIP Passenger Services
This service includes pre checking your special guests room, obtaining keys and special room requirements

Perthlimovan Perth airport transport service is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week
Perth limo van caters for all Perth airport transportation requirements PERTH DOMESTIC AIRPORT terminal PERTH INTERNATIONAL airport terminal executive transport corporate transport convention transport conference transport
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Cutting corners in limo service

Posted by carbon black limos, Jul 5 2006, 06:24 PM

Is cutting corners good for customers or bad
A common practice in the Perth limo industry of late seems to be to charge the cheapest rate possible to get the job, sure itís great for the customer they get a limo for peanuts but are they getting value for money and true service or not. Thereís an old saying pay peanuts get monkeys.
Perthís a great place plenty of opportunity and as of late many want to be entrepreneurís have entered the limousine industry because they see it as easy money but fail to realize what it takes to be a professional limousine operator that delivers quality service time and again. They fail to do their research and fail when it comes to providing a true and proper chauffeured limousine service.
A cheap price or a sales gimmick is usually a good indication of the type of service you will receive
Cheap price cheap service. If the offers to good to be true then it usually is.
Limousines are not cheap vehicles to own and operate itís a 24/7 business that requires total dedication to deliver exceptional service. Owning and operating a limousine business is not a job itís a lifestyle and for many reputable limo companies we love our work and enjoy sharing in our customerís special moments while they travel in our limos. For us seeing a happy couple on their wedding day, a group of kids all excited on their school ball night or a group of friends having a great time on a night out is the true reward in our business it makes all the hard work worthwhile .
Unfortunately some operators donít see the limousine industry this way.
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What is a Limo van

Posted by carbon black limos, Jul 5 2006, 06:21 PM

Limo vans are the latest in design and innovation when it comes to limousines in Australia
Limo vans have been around for many years in the USA and Europe and now have taken off in Australia with the first limo van built and in service in Perth Western Australia
Why are these limos so popular?
Limovans have a huge interior space, more than a stretched limousine with the ability to walk in and sit down, plenty of leg room and full height seats provide a superior level of comfort the immense amount of room inside the limo allows the builders to create luxurious interiors of various designs and specifications. All limovans in Perth may look similar on the outside but are totally different inside with no two alike. The first limo van built in Australia has had many articles published about it and won many awards for its interior design, features and lighting. The limovans in Perth for hire vary in design from high end luxury limousines to a party bus design, audio and visual components also vary in these limousines
Who has a limovan?
Snoop Dog has a limovan built by West Coast Customs it is his mobile recording studio
Madonna has a limovan as a mobile salon
Guy Ritchie has a limovan as a mobile home theatre
Next time you want to travel in luxury consider a limovan
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What's your limo riding on

Posted by carbon black limos, Jul 5 2006, 06:18 PM

My partner was talking to a customer about our limovan the other day and they happen to mention they liked the fact that our van didnít look like an up market trades van from the outside because of all the chrome accessories and the 18 inch rims. I posted a blog about passenger safety while travelling in Perth limo vans and the comment about the rims and all the dramas that went into sourcing them reminded me of the safety factor about them and why it was a lot of trouble to source the right ones. All Perth limousines have to pass an inspection for roadworthy and part of the requirements is that the vehicle has the correct load rated rims and tires for that limo. Donít get me wrong I love bling and bigger the better. Some limos in Perth however are fitted with rims and tires that are not load rated for that vehicle. When we sourced the 18ís there was only 2 manufactures in the world that specially made a custom rim load rated, tested and approved by the vehicle manufacturer to fit a sprinter van, both of which are located in Europe. Then we had to source tires which was easily done locally, but to suit the vehicle 18ís again was the largest available. So when looking at limousine hire itís just another thing to consider sure big rims look great but are they safe. Remember do your research before you hire. Visit My Website

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