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Mobile Crane Hire Perth

Posted by Ben, Dec 31 2009, 03:08 PM in Perth Business

Mobile Crane Hire Perth

Ashburton Crane Hire in Perth WA specialises in mobile crane hire Western Australia wide. They have a range of cranes with a range of lift capacities. To save on the cost of mobile crane hire it's best to phone 9454 7000 with your lift job specification. To save on crane hire, it's no use to hire a 100-tonne lift crane if you only want to lift a small weight a short distance. A cheap, small pick and carry crane hire might do the job.
The price of mobile crane hire in Perth also depends on how long the crane and its skilled crane operators are at your location and how remote your location in Western Australia is.

Ashburton Crane Hire operators are trained with safety in mind. Here's one of many testimonials from one of our satisfied Perth crane hire clients.

Ashburton Crane Hire have a good safety culture, the prices are very competitive and they are always willing to go that extra mile to help us meet our business needs”.
Adrien Moody, Field Service Manager, Sandvik Mining and Construction Australia, Business Infrastructure,

More mobile...

Best Price Pool Equipment Perth

Posted by Ben, Dec 31 2009, 02:17 PM in Water Sports


Pool Equipment Price Slashers do free water testing till 4pm. After seeing water testing analysis results, their helpful staff advise you on the best price pool equipment in Perth to treat your pool water. For example, they'll tell you the pros and cons differences between an automatic pool cleaner and a robotic pool cleaner. They'll quote you the best auto pool cleaner prices for your pool care needs in the Perth environment your pool is in.

Photo of some of the types of pool cleaning equipment at Pool Equipment Price Slashers.

Phone 0428 203 964 for free pool water testing advice in Perth, quote for best pool equipment prices in Perth and great after sales service.
Alternatively, visit the Perth Pool Equipment Price Slashers Website.

Winter of Discontent

Posted by Ben, Oct 1 2009, 03:59 PM

After arriving in Perth from Bali, I told my closest friend and companion for the past 10 years, that I'd fallen in lust in Bali. I had worked from home for 10 years so we saw more of each other than a normal married couple. I helped promote her small luxury hotel and she nurtured us. Her health had been poor for a couple of years. She was a great mother to my son. A few weeks after Bali we argued over nothing and I walked out but as usual it was me that made the first moves at reconciliation. My phone message was unanswered. When I drove past her apartment on a few winter nights, the lights were out. I left a note under her door mat about tourists from Ireland wanting to rent one of her apartments. Three days later I had a business meeting with the property manager of the Scarborough beachfront apartments where she was living. After 3 days the note was still there so I told the property manager she had either collapsed in her apartment, or gone to hospital, or was visiting her son interstate. Unfortunately they found she had died in her sleep 5 days after the last person spoke with her....

Tearful Man

Posted by Ben, Aug 14 2009, 09:30 AM

My winter escape from Perth this year was to Bali, where in the cafe next to my Kuta hotel where is was eating, I met a wonderful, young, educated, fun, smart, friendly Indonesian bar girl with smooth light brown skin, lighter than my Indonesian great grandmother's. We arrived late to the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan and with just the shirt on our back decided to stay the night so we could go snorkelling and check the surf. In a hillside villa overlooking the bay of many shades of blue, coral filled water, I feel in lust. The next day after snorkelling with the most beautiful tropical fish in the world, motorcycling round the island to secluded beaches, etc I think I fell in love. I'm not sure because we were only together for 4 days but on the long high speed boat ride back to Bali, I couldn't stop tears rolling down my cheek because I was powerless to change her life. Despite airfares being so cheap between Bali and Perth, I have been told that a tourist visa from high risk countries like Indonesia are difficult to get. One migration agent told me $10,000 bond would...


Posted by Ben, Jul 10 2009, 01:49 PM

I booked flights back to Perth today after my daughter was born a few days ago near Vientiane. Arriving at the end of winter and beginning of hay fever season. That sound pessimistic but there are many positives to Perth one of the best places on earth.

I rode my fold-up bicycle through the Tha Bo markets this morning. There was a lady selling cinnamon bark. That was the only thing she was selling. I don't know if there was a big demand for that item in this small town today. Another was selling shallots. I bought some fresh orange juice blended with crushed ice. It is humid here while Perth is freezing. This will be my first winter away from Perth in years.

We're in the VIP room of the Thabo Crown Prince Hospital (TCPH) @ $30 per day. It is very clean. The staff are very good and well trained. The Isan food for 2 is delicious - better than restaurants and included in the $30 per day. Baby was a little jaundice, so they're giving her UV lamp therapy. Nurses guaranteed me there is no risk of skin cancer with this low dose and filtered spectrum. The beautiful Thai...

Commercial Office Fitouts Perth

Posted by Ben, May 31 2009, 09:49 AM in Perth Business

Commercial Office Fit-outs Perth

The Perth Partition Company is the Perth office fitout company which makes it their business to design, construct and install modern new office partitions, workstations, and decor which sends a message to visiting clients that this business is professional, successful and keeping up with the latest technology. Their interior designer will design office layouts based on your needs and architectural design of your office. Office managers can select from optional designs such as materials, colour and style. Once a new office design is selected, construction of your new modular office interior begins offsite in Perth. This reduces disruption to your business operations. On a quiet day, their skilled tradesmen install your new office interior including running of cables out of site inside office partitions and workstations. Office partitions can be a combination of materials and fabrics such as glass and low cost MDF. Office partitions can look like new floor to ceiling walls with the added advantage of them being 100% tax deductable.

Once new office...

Spa Equipment Perth

Posted by Ben, May 30 2009, 10:29 AM in Water Sports


Bring a sample of your spa pool water for free testing and helpful advice to the spa pool experts in Perth: Pool Equipment Price Slashers, before 4pm.
Good operation and maintenance of spa pool equipment is essential for the health, especially skin health of spa pool users. With the right spa pool care, spa pools can be enjoyable, sociable, warm in winter to relax and wind down. You might be a day spa operator or have the luxury of a spa pool in your Perth home. Which ever, to keep spa pool users happy and healthy it is important to check your spa pool equipment and keep it operational enough to avoid diseases from contaminated spa pool water.

With Perth's warm weather and warm spa pool water, operation and spa pool care in Perth is important to keep spa pool water clean, clear and healthy. The efficient operation of spa pool equipment is important to filter and help distribute spa pool sanitising chemicals in Perth.

The photo above of folliculitis, a common skin disease in Perth from contaminated spa...

Earnest Spear Fishing Perth

Posted by Ben, May 10 2009, 07:25 PM

The Importance of Being Earnest play written by Oscar Wild, performed by the Churchlands Senior High School in Perth on Friday night at Chruchlands was SUPERB. The best acting performance I have ever seen in Perth.

Next morning I sailed to the 3 Mile Reef beyond and north of "Little Island". After anchoring and pulling down the jib, my passenger Adrian Glover and I dived overboard with spear-guns for a bit of spear fishing in Perth waters. I speared fish for tourists for a living at Aitutaki Cook Islands for years but this was the first time in decades that the primordial hunter instinct came over me again. That hunter instinct is something I recommend all single mother encourage their cotton-wool clad sons to experience. Out of practice and in cool water of May I still managed to spear nice sized fish, one of which was delicious barbecued whole. Didn't have time to BBQ it till next day because as soon as we sailed back to the Hillarys Yacht Club, I raced to get a Mother's Day present. She's a fan of Irish writers and a widely published writer.

Then is was off...

Day in Perth

Posted by Ben, May 7 2009, 09:57 AM

Autumn weather in Perth this year has been perfect. Warm, clear blue skys, light winds, day after day. We've just had one of the driest Aprils in Perth on record and now into May 2009, the perfect Perth days keep coming. I feel sorry for workers stuck in air-conditioned offices in the Perth CBD. Yesterday I did my usual office work in the morning. In my lunch hour I surfed Trigg Point. Didn't get wiped out once but did get caught inside once. With rocks only shin distant deep, I wonder when I'll connect. Rocks at Trigg Point have ripped out fins and put a dent in the bottom of my surfboard but so nothing but scratches on the top of my toes as the sucking current drags dangling legs across rocks.

In the afternoon I popped into see how the 4th motherboard of my PC repair was going. I paid extra for a guarantee which expired but because I was sold a lemon the company is for now keeping up their after sales service commitment to me. Their technician said that testing of the 4th motherboard showed it was still faulty. He guessed that the manufacture is not prepared to fix the...

Process Plant Commissioning Specialists Perth

Posted by Ben, May 1 2009, 10:53 AM in Perth Business

Process Plant Commissioning Specialists in Perth

PPM Global, a Perth based business, specialise in processing plant commissioning in Australia and internationally in places such as Indonesia, America, Finland, Africa, Central Asia, etc. With over 100 years of combined experience, they've helped the mineral economics triple bottom line of mining companies in Australia and overseas, despite the current competitive environment. Their metallurgical services demand continues to grow as their international reputation grows. Through hands-on metallurgical operations management and training, PPM Global have improved ore grades and mineral recovery. At the same time, they've improved processes, policy, process plant life, safety and corporate social responsibility for the local communities and their environment.

Photo of Perth-based minerals processing plant commissioning engineers at operations in Indonesia. The team at PPM Global identified critical equipment and process streams to allow for a ‘First Copper Circuit’ that prioritises and manages critical path items for construction...

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