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Process Plant Commissioning Specialists Perth

Process Plant Commissioning Specialists in Perth

PPM Global, a Perth based business, specialise in processing plant commissioning in Australia and internationally in places such as Indonesia, America, Finland, Africa, Central Asia, etc. With over 100 years of combined experience, they've helped the mineral economics triple bottom line of mining companies in Australia and overseas, despite the current competitive environment. Their metallurgical services demand continues to grow as their international reputation grows. Through hands-on metallurgical operations management and training, PPM Global have improved ore grades and mineral recovery. At the same time, they've improved processes, policy, process plant life, safety and corporate social responsibility for the local communities and their environment.

Photo of Perth-based minerals processing plant commissioning engineers at operations in Indonesia. The team at PPM Global identified critical equipment and process streams to allow for a ‘First Copper Circuit’ that prioritises and manages critical path items for construction completion.

Phone Steve on +61 4 2244-3395 or visit the best via

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