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Australia Day

Posted by Ben, Jan 27 2009, 08:03 AM

Australia Day Perth

Australia Day started with a swim at Scarborough Beach with my son. After losing weight from my low cholesterol diet it was going to be a day of eating for enjoyment even if it meant dying earlier. Delicious oysters at Cafe Del Pescatore were followed by a traditional Australian meat BBQ at the public BBQ on the Scarborough Beach foreshore with Jill, Anna and friends. After being in the sun in a sailing regatta most of the day before I could feel sun burning and almost turned down an invitation to spend the afternoon on a boat on Perth waters.

The vast deck of the ex-crayfishing boat was a wonderful party platform. Many other boats anchored in Crawley Bay were packed with party goers, as were the banks of the Swan River. Music and laughter drifted across the water as our wonderful hosts Peter and Nola kept serving up great food and drinks.

Party Goes Drifting By

Sunset brought out the best light and aircraft before the Australia Day fireworks display over the Swan River. My spare camera batteries were so low that it was a matter of point an shoot.


Decadent Social Justice

Posted by Ben, Jan 19 2009, 04:30 PM

I guess the majority of recipients of our taxes for Prime Minister Rudd's Christmas spend were needy however I heard from my medically unwell friend who lives in a Western Australian Homes West house in Perth that when the money arrived, drunks in hoon-mobiles kept him awake all night going in and out of nearby drunken / drug parties in Homes West rentals. Am I doing something wrong being among the working poor to pay taxes for able bodied stupid people. Would it be possible for Homes West in Perth to send out inspectors at times of windfall payouts to see who's not showing any concern for public housing nor social concern for their neighbors in high density public housing.

Weight Problem

Posted by Ben, Dec 22 2008, 07:55 AM

With Dutch genes I've always been tall and thin. To help put on weight I eat a lot, including cheese, butter, full cream yogurt and guzzling a litre of full cream milk a day. Annoying to me are exercise machines with modes for "weight loss" without a mode for "weight gain". That's a breach of equal opportunity against thin people. Every few years I have a routine medical checkup. Recently my Perth Doctor told me all was OK: liver function, blood pressure, testosterone level, etc except cholesterol; up from a few years ago. I've always detested skim milk, soya milk and all those horrible tasting milk substitutes. I already catch and eat more fish than red meat but giving up on oysters and prawns is a dismal thought.

If is sit too much I loose a bit of weight. With a moderate amount of exercise: surfing and cycling Perth streets, I maintain weight but this type of aerobic exercise does not build a lot of muscle. Apart from spending boring amounts of time pumping iron in a Perth gym is anyone able to advise me how to put on weight by eating delisious...


Posted by Ben, Nov 20 2008, 01:16 PM

David Blair, Western Australian Scientists of the Year, showed me through the VERY interesting Gravity Discovery Centre and gravity wave detection research facilities of the Australian International Gravitational Observatory at GinGin about 50 minutes drive north of Perth, up Wanneroo Road past Yanchep National Caves. It turned out that David and I had the same physics teacher, Dr Greenhouse, who inspired me to become a science teacher and researcher. Davidís uncle, Guy Grey Smith was a friend of my parents in Darlington who made the breakfast bowels we ate from. Also by coincidence, David was speaking on ABC radio about environmental sustainability, while I was driving my car to meet him. David is a great host. His enthusiasm in showing me the Gravity Discovery Centre is infectious. The Gravity Discovery Centre includes interesting interactive physics displays, inventions such as Ralph Sarichís prototype orbital engine, nature displays, a huge art gallery with spectacular paintings and photos of the cosmos and how different cultures relate to the cosmos, the Australian International...

Cultural Tolerance

Posted by Ben, Aug 6 2008, 07:49 PM

Serving as an Australian Volunteer Abroad (now named Australian Volunteers International) science teacher at Aitutaki, Cook Islands, Polynesia, South Pacific, was a great experience for me. I lived on Aitutaki continuously for 10 years. An important thing it taught me was that all cultures have their strengths and weaknesses - yes, even the Anglo-Saxon / Celtic / European, which is dominant in Perth Australia. When I first went to Aituaki I lived in the private home of the chief of the island while he lived next-door in the house of the Chief Administration Officer (CAO) I admired him a lot. He taught me a lot of things. He and village chiefs would always have first pick at the feast table. They nearly always went for fish head. After watching them suck eyes and brains, I tried and started to get a taste for fish head too. After a year I realised that head is the best part of the fish. Sucking eyes and brains is one of my party stunts in Perth. After all the gasps and oohs die down I say I can't help your western cultural hangups. You're missing the best part of the fish.


Posted by Ben, Jul 28 2008, 01:48 PM in Web Marketing


If a directory gave users a bum steer they would not have too many users after a while. That's how it is online too, so if search engines discover your site is offline what do you think they'll do? You guessed it; delist pages their spiders (bots) discovered not there and giving search engine users a bum steer "Error 404 Page Not Found". Depending on how long your site has been down depends on how long your listing takes to recover, if ever. RELIABLE web hosting is the MOST important consideration when it comes to selecting a web hosting service provider. The moment I discover any of my sites are down, I URGENTLY phone my web hosting service provider. That brings me to the second most important criteria: fast, responsive phone support. I recently had a web hosting service provider switch off my 70,000 visitors per month www.perthperth.com on a Saturday. This eastern states of Australia, large webhosting service provider, with some good web technology do NOT offer a telephone number and despite my emails...

On the Rocks

Posted by Ben, Jul 27 2008, 05:05 PM

I'd knocked my left shin and one of my fins off my expoxy surfboard in winter storm exposed rocks here a few days earlier. On my morning, racing bicycle ride back from the surf shops at Scarborough Beach with a $25 replacement pop-in fin, I stopped to take this surfing photo at Trigg Beach. For me it was another PERFECT day of surf in full winter sunshine. Well worth the bloody right shin this day. Both left and right hand waves were perfect for an old surfer like me. Not too big, just right. The next day it was cold and rainy so when wonderful winter surf happens with glassy walls and easy take-offs, go for it.

Paranoid Perth Shock Jocks

Posted by Ben, Jun 10 2008, 09:25 PM

I heard, AGAIN, a shock jock mouthing off on talk back radio in Perth today about evils of paedophiles. Yes we agree but shut your mouth please, about 0.1% or less of the people of Perth with this sickness. Later I heard the tail end of the problems of over weight people including children I believe. I reckon the two issues are related. With effective social engineering by shock jocks they've convinced mothers to jam Perth roads with their 4WD trucks to take their fat kids to school. I can understand it if the school is over 5kms. Most Perth homes are closer than this to the many primary schools in Perth. When I was young we walked kilometers from Subiaco Primary School to the Perth CBD, and later up and down steep hills of Darlington to get to and from primary school. My son walks or rides too but I'm sad my paranoid ex-wife keeps him indoors when he get home instead of letting him play outdoors. What is Perth coming to when paranoid parents are too scared to let their children outdoors for fitness and relationship with the real environmental world instead of being weak fat kids...

Surfing South of Perth

Posted by Ben, Jun 8 2008, 11:14 PM in Water Sports

Recently in our mild winter I went on another great surfing holiday south of Perth at places such as Smith's Beach and 3 Bears. The surf was glassy and of nice size but too big for me after a storm went through. I saw a couple of fit surfers get into difficulty at Three Bears in huge surf. Surfing is one of the biggest attractions for tourist dollars south of Perth. There are so many surf breaks down south. What supprises me is the lack of access roads. Untill roads are made, you'll need a 4 wheel drive to get to 3 Bears and many other surf spots between Cape Naturalist and Cape Leeuwen. With the price of fuel and infrequent need for a 4WD vehicle (a pox on the city as Paul Keating described) in Perth city, it'll be a while before I get a 4WD.


The weather has been so good in Perth this winter that it's given me time to go fishing Perth's Cockburn Sound and Sunset Coast. See us squid jigging on YouTube.

Endless Summer

Posted by Ben, May 27 2008, 03:12 PM in Water Sports

If if means warmer days and changing weather patterns giving beautiful end of May days like today, then bring on global warming. When I walked home from fishing this morning the fish were so fresh they were flapping on the BBQ.

Photo of Jon at our fishing spot in Perth. Background: Trigg Island.
Ian, the captain of my game fishing boat arrived bringing a feeling of deja vu for the many fresh fish we'd caught and eaten together at Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Charter bus owner Joe joined as and after a chat about important things like surf, women and business, I went for a surf with Rick. Despite the waves being small we still got clean and had much needed exercise before the weather changes to what is expected of May in the southern hemisphere.

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