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Smear Aledged Alegation

Posted by Ben, May 10 2008, 03:38 PM

How to defame someone and get away with it
This stormy Saturday morning I was pleased to see a photo of my Guildford Grammar School mate, in allegedly Western Australia's largest circulation newspaper. I was shocked at the end twist of this gutter press report about the death of Kim Ledger's son. Isn't it bad enough that a dad has lost his son without publicly smearing the father with an "allegation"? Why should anyone get away with this sort of defamation simply by qualifying their not in the public interest smear with the word "allegation" I'd encourage Kim to ask the journalist who wrote the smear for a public apology. I didn't know Kim all that well but I remember him as a decent, friendly guy and in my book that and not their finance is what counts. Some editors will let any rubbish through just for a bigger circulation buck.

For lunch I went to Asia House at the northern end of Stirling Street, North Perth, near where I used to ice skate when I studied applied science (chemistry) at Mt Lawley TAFE. I went to the Burmese regular Saturday...

Puritans Lighten Up

Posted by Ben, May 6 2008, 04:11 PM

My Mum ain't going to like this comment but I'm a heterosexual MALE. From Canberra we've had religious pandering John Howard and now religious pandering from what's his name. So what if he went to see a striptease performance. I like it. Shows Kev's still got testosterone. Lighten up you puritanical kill-joys with Victorian era heritage. So what if someone sniffs a chair or puts their face on someones breasts in jest. I know you'll say maybe it wasn't jest but I didn't hear the lady moan. Storm in a tea. Lighten up and get on with making Western Australia a better place. Go forth, multiply, flirt, but know your limits. I'm not saying do like roosters but without testosterone and friendly flirting we will have to depend on imports of people with cultures less prudish than this set by Anglo-Saxon law makers a hundred years ago.

Q: What's the difference between a dirty old man and a dirty young one?
A: Age.

A wife found a couple of eggs and hundreds of dollars in a nice wooden box in the attic. When her husband came home she asked him about it. He...

Street Directions, God Only Knows

Posted by Ben, Apr 27 2008, 01:44 PM

STREET NAME SIGNS in Perth are missing, or faded so that they can't be seen at night. I've noticed many districts in Perth which want efficiency and tourism but have poor street name signage. I've lived in Perth many years but because Perth has matured into a large city I now, without a GPS, can get lost when I go to unfamiliar areas of Perth such as south of the Swan River.

I knew I was on Crimea Street (Church of Christ Street) but god only knows which street I was crossing. It seems the Churches in Morley can afford street signs and get permits on traffic light controlled intersections but the city council can't or their civic leaders are too incompetent to organize clearly visible street name signs. Don't worry this slack council is not the only one in Perth. It's difficult enough for a local so I pity how bamboozled tourists must be when trying to navigate around Perth to spend their tourist dollars in less frustrating way.

Noise Abatement

Posted by Ben, Apr 27 2008, 01:23 PM

We recently took a holiday from next to a construction site at Scarborough to a hotel in Perth to have a break from construction noise. Lucky this crane was not working on the weekend.

It never ceases to amaze me how retailers of Harley Davidson motor bikes can get away with legally selling such noisy machines or how owners can get away with exhaust modifications. I think noise level compliance criteria is either:

  • Being ignored
  • The motor bikes are not noise level tested under full throttle load such as going up a hill, or
  • The noise testing by licencing authorities is not done properly or
  • The noise amplitude standard set by legislation is not restrictive enough
Whatever the reason for these loud motorbikes the resulting environmental nose pollution is not good enough and another symptom of the Perth community wanting peace being let down by our civic leaders or their regulators.

Mobile Crane Hire Perth


Posted by Ben, Mar 24 2008, 09:06 PM

Even though the surf wasn't big, Perth Beaches were fabulous this Easter.

I made a few discoveries:

  • My 11 yo sons is a goofy foot (for you non-surfers, it means right foot forward surfer and it means facing the wave wall of a left peeling wave) which is great for the predominantly left-hander waves of Western Australia.
  • Glass in my foot while walking at the beach. I think F'n brain dead, unthinking people who bring glass to the beach should be banned from the beach for a summer or two. There is no convincing reason to bring glass to the beach. Even sparkling wine can be bought in cans or plastic bottles. I used to get thripence for each bottle I collected. There was no broken glass problem then. I think the Western Australian government and glass bottle distibutors are poor at social engineering, corporate social responsiblity and care for the beach environment. What do you think?

    The glass problems starts innocently like this ...

    ... in a beach-side place like this
  • That in small waves laying down on my son's small soft board is nearly as much fun as standing. Waves...



Posted by Ben, Jan 19 2008, 06:09 PM in Water Sports

I brought my nipper (junior trainee surf life saver) to the Scarboro Surf Life Saving Club House this morning for the annual Dough Hatch swim. As I paid for breakfast a friendly club member encouraged me to join in. A couple of years ago I swam from Brighton Beach to Trigg Island but a lot of computer work lately on a VERY large, problematic site: "Accommodation Near", caused my level of fitness decline. The last time I swam in a swimming competition was circa 1966 in the pool at Guildford Grammar where I got my Bronze Medallion. I'd heard of old guys like me dying after sudden exertion so even though I was puffed out on the beach run to the finishing flags, I still held some energy in reserve because I didn't want to die in front of my boy. The good news is I came second :-) I need now tell you it was to a very fit lady and that we had a head start because it was a handy-capped race. Why I'm telling you this is because the main thing it was a lot of good fun, including the sociable breakfast where VERY fit Joe, Paul and friends came and sat with me. The food...

Seals, Whales and other large marine mammals

Posted by Ben, Jan 16 2008, 06:49 PM

Seeing large mammals in a zoo is interesting but seeing large wildlife such as marine mammals on Seal Island, just 6 minutes sail from Perth's Sunset Coast Beaches, is thought proving, and simply wonderful. A few months ago we saw 5 seals on Seal Island including a pup. This time there were only 4. Even writing about them I'm scared that the promote might attract one loony to the island but on the other hand if you don't know you'll never enjoy being with them. Even in commercial terms the marine mammal meat value to loonies is minimal to minimal compared to the tourism / watching value. But commercialism aside, the joy for this and future generations to see wildlife in their natural environment so close to Perth is priceless. Even it Seal Island didn't have seals, bird watching on seal island or snorkelling it's very clear waters inside the protection of the 3 mile reef, makes Seal Island a worth while visit.

Just keep in mind that sharks like seals too, so if you swim near Seal Island there is a VERY small chance of being mistaken for a seal.

Video of Seals...


Posted by Ben, Aug 2 2007, 10:47 PM

After desert of Coral Bay north of Perth and then 2 weeks of continuous July rain in Perth, cabin fever was starting to set in when a happy web marketing client of mine gave me a free bonus flight from Perth to Broome between the 7th and 12 of August for a 40th birthday party at Cable Beach where sunsets were spectacular every evening.

It was good to catch up with Broome friends including Mark Manado, surfing friends Trevor Mitchell and Steve Zimmerley. I hadn't seen my Broome surfing mates for 30 years but we struck up friendly conversations as if those 30 years were like yesterday. Steve introduced me to Bill Reid whom remembered meeting me when I lived in the Cook Islands. Mark was a great host at the TAFE aquaculture research and training laboratories. He also studied the horse racing form guide for the Broome races so well that he picked a winner or place in every race for me. smile.gif Mark was going to show me his cultural retreat / accommodation near Broome, the Barramundi Moon, 150km north along the...

Coral Bay

Posted by Ben, Jul 21 2007, 10:08 AM

Without enough volunteer moderators like me, moderation of the Perth Forum and The Perth Calendar has been held up for a couple of weeks while I enjoyed a great, well diserved two week holiday at Coral Bay with my 11yo son. We went camping, fishing, I taught him how to drive, snorkelling in the coral filled lagoon. All this in warm shorts and t-shirt weather while Perth froze in winter.

On the drive back to Perth we saw the first blooms of Western Australian wildflowers in late July. Wildflower season starts in north western Australia and then over the next few months moves down towards Wave Rock.
We also saw historical things such as the German life boat from the WWII raider "Kormoran" near the Carnarvon Jetty....

.... and the memorial to the HMAS Sydney II it sunk

More of our trip from Perth Photos.

This new research vessel will be chartered by German marine biologists to study the Ningaloo Reef in 2008.

Holiday Destinations Near Perth

Posted by Ben, Jun 11 2007, 11:01 AM

On the recent long weekend, my neighbour and his Walpole friend introduced me to the wonderful inlets near Walpole. After living in Perth all these years I didn't realise such beautiful natural environments existed so close to Perth. Where tall tree forested hills with streams lead down to HUGE inlets bigger than Perth Waters. Walpole CBD is on the shores of an inlet about the size of Perth Waters. An channel leads to an even larger inlet. Another channel from this larger inlet to the Great Southern Ocean is full of aquatic birds and sea creatures. I also discovered the well shaped large Great Southern Ocean surf. Recent additions to my Panoramio photos will show some of these AMAZINGLY beautiful places including view from my over water accommodation examples below:

The swell was too big to go game fishing in the Great Southern Ocean but looking out to sea from the Broke inlet sand bar/beach I saw lots of large sea birds working bait fish.

Above: Me looking out over "Inconspicuous Beach" south of the "Valley of the Giants".

I'm looking forward to showing my...

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