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Surfing South of Perth

Posted by Ben, Jun 8 2008, 11:14 PM in Water Sports

Recently in our mild winter I went on another great surfing holiday south of Perth at places such as Smith's Beach and 3 Bears. The surf was glassy and of nice size but too big for me after a storm went through. I saw a couple of fit surfers get into difficulty at Three Bears in huge surf. Surfing is one of the biggest attractions for tourist dollars south of Perth. There are so many surf breaks down south. What supprises me is the lack of access roads. Untill roads are made, you'll need a 4 wheel drive to get to 3 Bears and many other surf spots between Cape Naturalist and Cape Leeuwen. With the price of fuel and infrequent need for a 4WD vehicle (a pox on the city as Paul Keating described) in Perth city, it'll be a while before I get a 4WD.


The weather has been so good in Perth this winter that it's given me time to go fishing Perth's Cockburn Sound and Sunset Coast. See us squid jigging on YouTube.

Endless Summer

Posted by Ben, May 27 2008, 03:12 PM in Water Sports

If if means warmer days and changing weather patterns giving beautiful end of May days like today, then bring on global warming. When I walked home from fishing this morning the fish were so fresh they were flapping on the BBQ.

Photo of Jon at our fishing spot in Perth. Background: Trigg Island.
Ian, the captain of my game fishing boat arrived bringing a feeling of deja vu for the many fresh fish we'd caught and eaten together at Aitutaki, Cook Islands. Charter bus owner Joe joined as and after a chat about important things like surf, women and business, I went for a surf with Rick. Despite the waves being small we still got clean and had much needed exercise before the weather changes to what is expected of May in the southern hemisphere.


Posted by Ben, Jan 19 2008, 06:09 PM in Water Sports

I brought my nipper (junior trainee surf life saver) to the Scarboro Surf Life Saving Club House this morning for the annual Dough Hatch swim. As I paid for breakfast a friendly club member encouraged me to join in. A couple of years ago I swam from Brighton Beach to Trigg Island but a lot of computer work lately on a VERY large, problematic site: "Accommodation Near", caused my level of fitness decline. The last time I swam in a swimming competition was circa 1966 in the pool at Guildford Grammar where I got my Bronze Medallion. I'd heard of old guys like me dying after sudden exertion so even though I was puffed out on the beach run to the finishing flags, I still held some energy in reserve because I didn't want to die in front of my boy. The good news is I came second :-) I need now tell you it was to a very fit lady and that we had a head start because it was a handy-capped race. Why I'm telling you this is because the main thing it was a lot of good fun, including the sociable breakfast where VERY fit Joe, Paul and friends came and sat with me. The food...

Surf Life Saving Photos

Posted by Ben, Mar 30 2007, 03:05 PM in Water Sports

Great weather for the 2007 Western Australian Surf Life Saving Championships and the Aussies brought large crowds of spectators to Scarborough Beach to watch this uniquely Australian water sports event. Tens of thousands of people came from all over Australia. It was good to hear Steve Howard of News Corp donate one million dollars to Surf Life Saving Australia. It'd be good to see more corporate donations to worthwhile causes.
IPB Image
The surf boat racing events took place right in front of the Perth surf cam but after working for over a year, the camera stopped working the day the Masters events started. I had to dismantle it and take the camera for repair. However I did take some nice surf carnival action photos.

Related: www.surfingaustralia.info & www.surfingphotos.info

Australia Day

Posted by Ben, Jan 29 2007, 10:48 AM in Water Sports

Australia Day

Would have liked to have watched beach cricket at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre but it was the one day per month to help my mum and since I'd already postponed the day, I missed the cricket.

Cycled to Hillarys with Jon to watch fireworks display on the Sunset Coast.

Went sailing on Sunday (4mb video clip) morning half way to Rottnest Island (but turned back because the wind dropped) and went body surfing at Brighton Beach Sunday afternoon.


Posted by Ben, Sep 24 2006, 03:38 PM in Water Sports

gallery_2_2_38967.jpg  gallery_2_2_2227.jpg  gallery_2_2_42634.jpg    

What I like about Perth in September are:
  • Wild flowers
  • Good surf off winter storm formed sand banks
  • Peak business demand
  • Picnics by the Helena River in the Darling Range when the hills are green and wild flowers are out
  • Snapper fishing
IPB Image

Winter Surf

Posted by Ben, Jul 8 2006, 11:59 AM in Water Sports

Perth Winters
With full sunny skies, an off shore wind, and swell showing on the Perth Surf Cam, I'm off for a surf today at Brighton Beach and do my work on Saturday when rain is forecast.

8th Jul. edit: It was a choice of hiring a black tux for the Business Travel Ball in Perth tonight or going for a surf. I chose surfing in glassy conditions. My neighbour Patrick joined me which made surfing even more enjoyable. The Business Travel Ball (in my own black suite) at the 5 star Sheraton Hotel Perth was entertaining. The food was excellent.

420 Dinghy Sailing Perth For Sale

Posted by Ben, Jul 1 2006, 07:19 PM in Water Sports

gallery_2_12_47662.jpg  gallery_2_12_13080.jpg  gallery_2_12_5426.jpg  gallery_2_12_11453.jpg  gallery_2_12_37635.jpg  gallery_2_12_39138.jpg  gallery_2_12_19491.jpg  gallery_2_12_107501.jpg  gallery_2_12_19951.jpg  gallery_2_12_20108.jpg      

Dinghy Captain John Jackson of the Hillarys Yacht Club, said he was interested in starting a 420 division. I was searching for the benefit of corporate membership as opposed to Junior membership, in one of Perth's finest yacht clubs but my call from deep inside Royal Perth Hospital to the club dinghy captain on a noisy Melbourne tram was difficult to hear.
After visiting mum at RPH, we drove to the Hillarys Yacht Club and left our membership application at the reception desk of the yacht club.

I'd bought a 420 sailing dinghy for Jon who has just turned 10 the week before. Hopefully other sailors of the Sunset Coast will want to join the new 420 sailing class. 0428 910 166

That's us going about at Brighton Beach.

I had been to the Hillarys Yacht Club the previous weekend but found no information. Not even a flyer or calling card with phone contact details on the counter. Today we meet an informative and hospitable yacht club member and Rob whose son was a member of the dinghy sailing juniors. Thanks to both...

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