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Business partners & Investors

register your interest!

We require investors: both financial and in-kind.

if you dont have the financial resources or dont want to take too much of a risk, then the following is able:-

requirement: $200,000 for 40% of the new business venture

shares split between contributing shareholders*

how can we do it in-kind:

web designers - experienced with flash animation, front end an back end applications, forms etc... you can be a collage of 2 or 3 designers and programmers. Donating your skills and time can be your financially (costed) entry into the business opportunity.

office space - this can be shared but requires signage and must be fairly high profile. So if you are a potential investor who wants to get into another business, then offering accomodation (free-but costed) to the business can be your avenue.

other potential inkind investors:-

sign and printing manufacturers
office suppliers
real estate agents or reps.
settlement agents

The business provides a lead generation and advertising service of real estate commerial, residential for sale and rental properties via a web based portal and an active sales for4ce.

the business is a national business (commencing in WA) that has the potential to generate $20,000,000 within year 1.

All serious enquiries should be posted on this site and an email sent to the following address:
or 0439 73 70 73, please also register any comments on the blog.



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