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Perth _ Perth Tourism _ Sydney Harbour Bridge

Posted by: Ben Oct 21 2011, 08:51 AM

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was paid for with gold from the Western Australian Goldfields.

When Tourism Australia, wise men from the east, came to Perth yesterday to deliver the Tourism Australia Briefing, attendees were given interesting Australian tourism news, statistics and forecasts. Successes such as Southern China Airlines starting flights to Perth on 8th November were highlighted. Bravo; now Perth gets SCA flights as well as Auckland Brisbane Melbourne and Sydney. Tourism Australia campaign examples often included images of the iconic Sydney Harbour Bridge. It's promo has made it iconic. It is about time more promo was spent on making for example the tree lined road into iconic.

Many visa application centres have photos of the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House on display. Good marketing again for tourists thinking about where they'll fly to in Australia.

The Australian Broadcastng Corporation (Sydney Broadcasting Corporation), every New Years Eve, beam out images of fireworks off the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Hooray for Sydney but what about Perth?

When I asked the gathered tourism executive attendees in the Perth Mecure Hotel seminar room: "as a tax payer, hands up those who thin Western Australia" is getting a fair deal?" only one person thought so. One of the Tourism Australia question panelists answered by saying people most states, including New South Wales think they're not getting a big enough share of exposure. I say to anyone in Sydney, if you think you're not getting a fair deal from Tourism Australia, See how much your poor economy can buy.

I am not convinced that Perth Western Australia is getting a fair deal of exposure from Tourism Australia. It is not only that WA contributes more to the Australian economy than any other state but size does matter. I'm talking about geographical size of WA, with which comes more climate, bio and tourism diversity than any other part of Australia.

It is encouraging to hear Paul Murray of Tourism Australia talk about encouragement of investment in tourism infrastructure. Let's hope he brings investors on familiarisation tours to the many undeveloped, wonderful tourist destinations in Western Australia. Places where people cannot go/stay/enjoy too long because of lack of infrastructure.

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