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Homebuyers Centre- Property Investment

Posted by ABN Group, Jun 22 2010, 11:09 AM

At Homebuyers Centre we will customise you an investment package that will not only help you create additional wealth and provide significant tax benefits, it will allow you to achieve your financial and lifestyle dreams.

We draw on our vast knowledge and experience of the local real estate market and their conditions to assist you with your investment decisions. Our position is unique due to 20 years of experience and high volume of homes built for our satisfied customers which in turn creates peace of mind and certainty when choosing your investment package.

Our Consultants know each customer is different, that’s why we’ll tailor the experience to suit your investment knowledge, goals and financial requirements. This will include easy investment finance, explained step by step with clear language you can understand. Also you receive the most up to date suburb and estate information available. Your investment will include detailed home design consultation to ensure outstanding market appeal, capital growth and high rental return.

Homebuyers Centre will be there every step of the way to ensure the experience is a rewarding one. We achieve this through our:

  • Clear communication throughout your investment process
  • Investment finance solutions
  • Tax effective outcomes
  • Sourcing of high demand land
  • Population growth hot spots
  • Knowledge if existing and planned transport and infrastructure
  • Homes designs to suit the market
  • Proven track record/history
  • Registered Quality Assured company
  • Fixed price contract
  • Complete packages
  • Guaranteed completion date
  • 6 month service warranty and 25 yr structural guarantee
  • High quality materials and tradesmanship

For more information on property investment with Homebuyers Centre click here.

Dale Alcock Homes - Property Investment

Posted by ABN Group, Jun 22 2010, 10:46 AM

The time is ripe to invest.

With low interest rates, reduced property prices and high rental returns, now is the time to invest.

Property Investment has been the path to wealth creation for generations of Australians. Dale Alcock Turnkey Investments is the division specialising in property investment.

It is a very simple and effective way to increase your financial security with the added benefit of reducing your tax through negative gearing.

It's the easiest bricks and mortar investment imaginable.

Never has property investment been made so simple. We do all the legwork for you. We do your sums, find your block, build your investment property, advance your stamp duty and introduce you to a professional property manager who will secure a tenant.

The process is simple; it requires just two hours to get started. You just need to turn the key and start your journey towards financial independence.

For more information on property investment with Dale Alcock Homes click here