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Why the medical profession has blinkers on when considering using natural testosterone in women.

The majority of the medical profession has blinkers on or is blinded through lack of understanding about diagnosing and using testosterone supplementation in women. Every hour of every day women present to their GP's complaining of lack of energy, unexplained fatigue and often little or no sexual desire. More often than not these women are sent away with a prescription for anti-depressants, sent for a blood test or told to take some vitamins, try yoga or exercise. In the majority of cases the blood tests look at thyroid levels, iron levels and possibly the hormones estrogen, progesterone, FSH and LH. What the majority of doctors fail to test for is the hormone testosterone - testosterone is pivotal in control of energy levels, mood and sexual function!!!! By testing for only two of the three sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone) doctors are only getting two thirds of the main hormonal picture in women. Testosterone deficiency in women is a major under diagnosed medical condition that is gaining more traction within certain sections of the medical community as more and more scientific medical data is published, but the average medico has little or no experience of the benefits that the judicial use of testosterone supplementation can have in women with low serum testosterone. For decades testosterone has been considered exclusively as a male hormone and women have been considered estrogen only entities - this is unequivocally false and both men and women naturally produce all three hormones, albeit in differing proportions, but nevertheless they are vital to both sexes. Pharmaceutical companies have only produced testosterone products suitable for use in males which has perpetuated the myth that women don't need testosterone and a lack of suitable user friendly products for supplementing testosterone in women have made effective testosterone supplementation for women difficult. In the past couple of years this has all changed. Giving testosterone to women via a testosterone cream or a testosterone patch has revolutionised the lives of women with low libido and unexplained fatigue.

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