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Mercedes limobus facts

The new Mercedes limo vans have taken off and there seems to be some confusion regarding them
So here are some facts about them for you
Each and every limovan is custom built and no two are alike. Many limousine companies use generic photoís the first limovan built in Australia which happens to be the most published and awarded limovan in Australia they also advertise the features fitted to this limo bus Be sure the limobus you are going to hire is the one that is being advertised
Other things that many limousine companies advertise is the fact that you can stand up, mingle and dance inside the limo bus Yes itís true the limovans have a enormous amount of interior space and the ability to stand up inside what they fail to tell you about is that it is illegal and you can only do this when the limovan is parked and not on the road it is also very unsafe to do this while the limobus is moving Itís a offence not to wear a seatbelt in a limousine and it puts your safety at risk as you are standing in a moving vehicle if there happens to be sudden braking or a unfortunate accident. Mercedes limo vans are fitted with the latest safety features including E.C.S (electronic stability) moving and dancing around in these vehicles while travelling greatly affects the vehicles braking, handling and stability.

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