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What is a Limo van

Limo vans are the latest in design and innovation when it comes to limousines in Australia
Limo vans have been around for many years in the USA and Europe and now have taken off in Australia with the first limo van built and in service in Perth Western Australia
Why are these limos so popular?
Limovans have a huge interior space, more than a stretched limousine with the ability to walk in and sit down, plenty of leg room and full height seats provide a superior level of comfort the immense amount of room inside the limo allows the builders to create luxurious interiors of various designs and specifications. All limovans in Perth may look similar on the outside but are totally different inside with no two alike. The first limo van built in Australia has had many articles published about it and won many awards for its interior design, features and lighting. The limovans in Perth for hire vary in design from high end luxury limousines to a party bus design, audio and visual components also vary in these limousines
Who has a limovan?
Snoop Dog has a limovan built by West Coast Customs it is his mobile recording studio
Madonna has a limovan as a mobile salon
Guy Ritchie has a limovan as a mobile home theatre
Next time you want to travel in luxury consider a limovan

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