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What's your limo riding on

Posted by carbon black limos, Jul 5 2006, 06:18 PM

My partner was talking to a customer about our limovan the other day and they happen to mention they liked the fact that our van didnít look like an up market trades van from the outside because of all the chrome accessories and the 18 inch rims. I posted a blog about passenger safety while travelling in Perth limo vans and the comment about the rims and all the dramas that went into sourcing them reminded me of the safety factor about them and why it was a lot of trouble to source the right ones. All Perth limousines have to pass an inspection for roadworthy and part of the requirements is that the vehicle has the correct load rated rims and tires for that limo. Donít get me wrong I love bling and bigger the better. Some limos in Perth however are fitted with rims and tires that are not load rated for that vehicle. When we sourced the 18ís there was only 2 manufactures in the world that specially made a custom rim load rated, tested and approved by the vehicle manufacturer to fit a sprinter van, both of which are located in Europe. Then we had to source tires which was easily done locally, but to suit the vehicle 18ís again was the largest available. So when looking at limousine hire itís just another thing to consider sure big rims look great but are they safe. Remember do your research before you hire. Visit My Website


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