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Perth _ Consumer _ Department of Consumer Protection

Posted by: Ben Oct 22 2005, 11:57 AM

1. Previous watches such as the Slazenger I bought at Big W Karrinyup have the LCD screen black out in warm weather!
2. I explained early '05 to the Teknik watch shop in the Karrinyup shopping centre that I needed a non-LCD water proof watch for surfing and business.
3. The winder of this $84 watch fell off. Sea water got in and damaged it.
4. Teknik said the Citizen watch company said it was "mis-use" and therefore would not honour the watch warranty.
5. I can understand the mis-use claim if I was an engine mechanic or in a physical job but for sitting with my hands on a keyboard most of the day and going for the occasional surf, I don't agree with the mis-use claim so...
6. I laid a complaint with the Western Australian Department of Consumer Protection in Perth.
7. In a letter from this toothless tiger the Department of Consumer Protection reiterated Teknik's claim of "mis-use" and referred me to the Magistrates Court in Perth via
8. From this link there is a long path to justice for an $84 watch. I earn more than $84 per hour yet I know it'll take longer than that for justice in Perth Courts.
8. Why can't community JP's adjudicate or why don't Consumer Protection and the court system have a small claims tribunal in Perth?
9. If anyone else has had no consumer satisfaction, especially when it comes to the Department of Consumer Protection or fake watch warranties, I'd be interested.

Posted by: Kelbriferek Aug 25 2017, 04:18 AM

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