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Cutting corners in limo service

Is cutting corners good for customers or bad
A common practice in the Perth limo industry of late seems to be to charge the cheapest rate possible to get the job, sure itís great for the customer they get a limo for peanuts but are they getting value for money and true service or not. Thereís an old saying pay peanuts get monkeys.
Perthís a great place plenty of opportunity and as of late many want to be entrepreneurís have entered the limousine industry because they see it as easy money but fail to realize what it takes to be a professional limousine operator that delivers quality service time and again. They fail to do their research and fail when it comes to providing a true and proper chauffeured limousine service.
A cheap price or a sales gimmick is usually a good indication of the type of service you will receive
Cheap price cheap service. If the offers to good to be true then it usually is.
Limousines are not cheap vehicles to own and operate itís a 24/7 business that requires total dedication to deliver exceptional service. Owning and operating a limousine business is not a job itís a lifestyle and for many reputable limo companies we love our work and enjoy sharing in our customerís special moments while they travel in our limos. For us seeing a happy couple on their wedding day, a group of kids all excited on their school ball night or a group of friends having a great time on a night out is the true reward in our business it makes all the hard work worthwhile .
Unfortunately some operators donít see the limousine industry this way.

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