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Are You Boring Your Prospects?

Posted by suthers, Nov 12 2010, 03:07 PM

Let me ask you a question, when you joined your company, were you actually excited about the products or services that they offered?

I ask that question because so many presentations are the opposite of exciting - they are downright boring. Let's do something about that right now!

Let's start with the most obvious. Let's say you're at a family barbecue, or a business networking function, or a party, and someone asks that perennial question "What do you do?" Now, I do hope that you're not still telling people your "day job" if you're only part-time in your MLM business. Your salary isn't going to increase by letting people know you're a "teacher" or a "plumber". But maybe your OWN BUSINESS could grow if you handle this well. Now you could be unprepared and just stumble an answer. You could give a dry description of your company. You could terrify the heck out them by telling them you're a network marketer. Or you could say something that was at least a bit rivetting.

I have a range of things I say, depending on where I am, and my mood at the time. For instance at my tennis club, or at family functions, I might say "Well actually lately I've been helping people with their sex lives in a really interesting way". If I'm at something more formal I might say "I give people a licence to print money" and might even add "Do you know anyone who wants some?"

These little lines are designed to break the ice, avoid triggering defensive attitudes, and get people smiling and asking questions. And the way that I answer that might be a quick description that shares my excitement at the same time "taking it away" from them (eg, "This probably wouldn't be for you, but maybe you'd know someone"). Or I might answer with my 100% appointment strategy, but that's a topic for another day .....

Now when I get down to the "eyeball to eyeball" presentation of my opportunity, it is fast-paced and emotive. I show a product, I show stunning proven results. I show another product, I show more stunning proven results. I ask them have they ever seen or heard of anything that can do anything like that, ever before. I ask how many people they know who would actually give their eye teeth to have those products, and I base my income projections for them on LESS THAN WHAT THEY'VE ESTIMATED.

Then I show them the published, audited average earnings so that they can see for themselves that people are getting those incomes and much more.

Then I build a word picture of what they'd need to do in order to earn that money, and more word pictures of how they'd be spending that money.

In short, I bring the presentation alive to fit the person, and I make it as experiential as possible. The more analytical the person, the more I go into financial analysis, company track record, scientific platform, etc, etc, but the real power in the presentation is that it is far from boring because it is about exciting products, an exciting opportunity, and it is always about them, not me.

As long as I'm talking about them, I'm possibly the most interesting person on the planet, and so is my presentation ...


How to Get 100% of Appointments

Posted by suthers, Oct 25 2010, 12:50 PM

This is so cool I just had to share it. You might not get 100%, but I guarantee you'll get close to it and this will change your life as well as your bank account. And you only have to learn 2 simple sentences.

You can use this strategy passively (as in when someone says "What do you do?") or you can commence the strategy yourself by saying something like "Wanna hear something amazing?"

Your 2 Sentences:

"Well, I could give you the complete presentation, but it'd take an entire ....... minute. When might you have an entire ..... minute so I could explain?"

Almost 100% of people will not want to make an appointment and will seek to fob you off by saying "How about now?"

Now all you need is a (real) 1-minute presentation that is amazing, engaging, funny, or a combination of all of those, which tells people what happens when they engage with you and your company.

If you want the structure for the 1-minute presentation call me on 9246 1977 in business hours and I'll gladly share, for free of course!

Let's change the playing field in your favour!

How to Make Any Money You Want

Posted by suthers, Oct 25 2010, 12:42 PM

The Simple Strategy that Out-Performs Stocks and Shares, Property, and Superannuation

I wrote this book for my friends who are struggling to get ahead and wonder how they can get the money they need to live their dreams, to feed their families, or to retire without living in fear of crisis. I hope you find it useful ......

It's well known that there are only 4 ways to make money that don't rely on dumb luck, so that you have at least a modicum of control over how much and how fast, and how reliable and sustainable.

This new free ebook gets right to the point, taking just 11 pages to outline each strategy and to prove conclusively that only 1 strategy can actually fulfil the promise of the title.

Click HERE to download your copy, no need to leave any contact details at all.

Good luck whichever course you choose.

Self Generated Networking Rocks

Posted by suthers, Oct 25 2010, 12:42 PM

There are basically 2 kinds of networker: those who get what networking is really about (relationship building) and those who don't. The latter group go to networking meetings mostly to be entertained (I know, I've got the survey results to prove it). The former do OK but would do a hell of a lot better on their own, for the following reasons.

Most people join networking organisations hoping they'll meet people who may be useful to them in business, either as clients, or as lead generators. The problem is that most people don't understand strategic networking, and the experience is usually both unpleasant and unrewarding.

Self generated networking is, quite simply, the only way to ensure success. Even if you attend formal networking meetings, if you don't execute the strategies of self-generated networking, you will never enjoy much success, if any.

Brief Steps to Self-Generated Networking

  • Make a list of business people you already know, like, and trust
  • Visit each of them individually with the aim of learning more specifically what they do, and specifically how to recognise the best possible potential leads for them
  • Expand each other's network by recommending similar meetings with likeminded business owners or professionals
  • Look out for leads and refer where appropriate
  • Never pitch your network buddies unless they actually ask

Diarise weekly phone contact with each person in your network (25 people is probably a good number) and aim for a quick personal catch up maybe once each month or two. If there's a little gang of you that gets on particularly well, save time and have more fun by holding dinner meetings or family events.

That's about 5 phone calls a day, and about 1 hour a day devoted to strategic networking that is not only proven, but is so enjoyable that it actually adds to the quality of your personal and professional life.

Who needs to pay big bucks to drag yourself out of bed for networking meetings that take up precious family time? No-one!

Check out www.speedbusinessnetworking.com/Strategic-Networking-Payoff.pdf for a more comprehensive discussion, and feel free to comment right here!

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