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Bring a sample of your spa pool water for free testing and helpful advice to the spa pool experts in Perth: Pool Equipment Price Slashers, before 4pm.
Good operation and maintenance of spa pool equipment is essential for the health, especially skin health of spa pool users. With the right spa pool care, spa pools can be enjoyable, sociable, warm in winter to relax and wind down. You might be a day spa operator or have the luxury of a spa pool in your Perth home. Which ever, to keep spa pool users happy and healthy it is important to check your spa pool equipment and keep it operational enough to avoid diseases from contaminated spa pool water.

With Perth's warm weather and warm spa pool water, operation and spa pool care in Perth is important to keep spa pool water clean, clear and healthy. The efficient operation of spa pool equipment is important to filter and help distribute spa pool sanitising chemicals in Perth.

The photo above of folliculitis, a common skin disease in Perth from contaminated spa pool water.

Warm spa pool water is conducive to microbe proliferation. The small volume of spa water means a higher concentration of contaminants. An advantage is with less water, it is cheaper to treat spa pool water.
Spa pool equipment is on sale at Pool Equipment Price Slashers, along with free spa pool water testing and advice from the helpful staff.


  1. Keep spa pool equipment running, especially during heavy use.
  2. Test spa pool water in Perth and respond.
  3. Shower before entering spa pools
  4. Run spa pool sanitising chemicals through your spa pool water.
  5. Avoid contamination of spa pool water. Eg use a spa pool cover. Don't go in pool water with a skin infection nor after an operation. Train children not to pee in the water.
  6. Change the water in spa pools more frequently than swimming pools.
Click the link above to see the latest and best prices in Perth for spa pool equipment that Pool Equipment Price Slashers have for sale in Perth. Their specials include free delivery of spa pool equipment such as spa pumps and spa filters Perth wide. Phone their pool shop in Perth's northern suburbs on 0428 203 964 for spa pool equipment and spa pool equipment parts quotes and information.

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