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Tearful Man

Posted by Ben, Aug 14 2009, 09:30 AM

My winter escape from Perth this year was to Bali, where in the cafe next to my Kuta hotel where is was eating, I met a wonderful, young, educated, fun, smart, friendly Indonesian bar girl with smooth light brown skin, lighter than my Indonesian great grandmother's. We arrived late to the beautiful island of Nusa Lembongan and with just the shirt on our back decided to stay the night so we could go snorkelling and check the surf. In a hillside villa overlooking the bay of many shades of blue, coral filled water, I feel in lust. The next day after snorkelling with the most beautiful tropical fish in the world, motorcycling round the island to secluded beaches, etc I think I fell in love. I'm not sure because we were only together for 4 days but on the long high speed boat ride back to Bali, I couldn't stop tears rolling down my cheek because I was powerless to change her life. Despite airfares being so cheap between Bali and Perth, I have been told that a tourist visa from high risk countries like Indonesia are difficult to get. One migration agent told me $10,000 bond would be required. Apart from returning to credit card holiday debt from not working for 10 days, I don't have $10,000

I still shed a tear every day, missing that girl from Bali. When I can afford it I'd like to bring her to Perth as my mistress and maybe if I get to know her better my wife. She saved me money by negotiating better meal, travel, hotel etc rates. Cheap compare to some women in Perth who have not only taken my home but children too. I'm not advocating the experience for every single middle aged guy but for me it was the best holiday of my life. I'd been to Bali with wife and kids before but it is completely different when you go single. Bali bugus. What a blast. Surfing, dancing at Bali night clubs, warm weather, hot food and hot women. I intended to relax and get a bit of content for my old www.accommodationbali.info website but I didn't have time to relax because I was so busy having fun.

Back in Perth, I got a phone call from Burbank California from someone introducing himself with the exact unusual name of my Dad. After working out he was my long lost half brother, I cried again when I told him about the father he never knew who was a loving dad and died young after DDT induced cancer.

Tears are rare from me. It's not what men are supposed to do. Are they? The last time was at the doctors nearly a year ago when I, as proxy for my too sick to attend lady friend, was told of her very serious, incurable medical conditions. Past menopause she lost her mojo and despite being my dearest long time friend we agreed that I could not go without lust like I had for the past 3 years. My Bali winter escape helped make up for that.

I'm lucky I can work where ever there is an internet connection. When my son finishes high school and my mum doesn't need care anymore I hope to work in Bali every winter.


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