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Winter of Discontent

Posted by Ben, Oct 1 2009, 03:59 PM

After arriving in Perth from Bali, I told my closest friend and companion for the past 10 years, that I'd fallen in lust in Bali. I had worked from home for 10 years so we saw more of each other than a normal married couple. I helped promote her small luxury hotel and she nurtured us. Her health had been poor for a couple of years. She was a great mother to my son. A few weeks after Bali we argued over nothing and I walked out but as usual it was me that made the first moves at reconciliation. My phone message was unanswered. When I drove past her apartment on a few winter nights, the lights were out. I left a note under her door mat about tourists from Ireland wanting to rent one of her apartments. Three days later I had a business meeting with the property manager of the Scarborough beachfront apartments where she was living. After 3 days the note was still there so I told the property manager she had either collapsed in her apartment, or gone to hospital, or was visiting her son interstate. Unfortunately they found she had died in her sleep 5 days after the last person spoke with her. This at the end of a long winter of persistent cold rain was part of my winter of discontent. All I wanted to do was run away to a peaceful place. A month previously I'd booked to fly to a marketing job for a luxury resort in Bali. The morning I was about to fly to Bali I was told by her son that the funeral would be in the middle of my upcoming work at Bali so I didn't get on my AirAsia flight. It left AirAsia only hours to sell my seat. I want to thank Martin of AirAsia for his compassion in believing in my defacto relationship for 10 years. The Discovery Kartika Plaza Hotel in Bali were also great, keeping the job open for me. I've just returned from the first funeral I've ever been to. Very sad especially watching my partner of 10 years being lowered into the ground. While there was no sex in the last year of our relationship our friendship was very close. For years she cooked for me so I was very glad to turn the tables and look after her in the last months of her life except for a couple of weeks when I was in Bali. Today, the day she was buried, was one of the first sunny days after months of cold winter rain. My message to Perthites: Don't argue because it could be the last time you see your partner. You're dead for a long time so live life to the full. My partner worked hard all her life. 2 years after she stopped working she was dead. With poor health in those last years she never got to enjoy the fruits of her hard work. Very sad.


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