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After desert of Coral Bay north of Perth and then 2 weeks of continuous July rain in Perth, cabin fever was starting to set in when a happy client of mine gave me a free bonus flight from Perth to Broome between the 7th and 12 of August for a 40th birthday party at Cable Beach where sunsets were spectacular every evening.

It was good to catch up with Broome friends including Mark Manado, surfing friends Trevor Mitchell and Steve Zimmerley. I hadn't seen my Broome surfing mates for 30 years but we struck up friendly conversations as if those 30 years were like yesterday. Steve introduced me to Bill Reid whom remembered meeting me when I lived in the Mark was a great host at the TAFE aquaculture research and training laboratories. He also studied the horse racing form guide for the Broome races so well that he picked a winner or place in every race for me. smile.gif Mark was going to show me his cultural retreat / accommodation near Broome, the Barramundi Moon, 150km north along the Dampier Peninsula but I was needed to take photos of the party.

Broome Surf at Cable Beach
I learned to surf in the easy take off small waves at Cable Beach Broome. For only 5 days I risked not bringing my new surfboard but the nice sized, perfect shapped long rides at Cable Beach made me vow to bring my surfboard to Broome next trip.

A phone call from Tony Hutchison while writing this blog confirms that the surfer above is "Quickie"
I body surfed on the last morning in Broome and in Perth the same afternoon after a 2 hour flight from Broome to Perth. Waves were about 1.8 metres high in both locations.

Surf in Perth the same day.
(See link to on
For me the environmental highlight of Broome is Cable Beach. Surf in the morning and photographing camel trains at sunset on Cable Beach while picnicing with friends is a relaxing thing that every Perthite should do.

Broome Climate
Even in the cooler dry season the 30 degree celsius temperatures were perfect. T-shirts and shorts for early in the evening. Something warmer outdoors an hour after sunset.
I stayed in new backpackers" The service and accommodation were good. I also visited some Broome accommodation property managers while in Broome. I'll update my with new photos of accommodation in Broome as soon as I get time.

New 2007 and old (mid 70's and mid 90's) which I took when I lived in and near Broome. People living in Perth should experience Broome at least once in their life. In the 70's I played basketball for our local Scoots team and also for Broome, lived right next-door to the cemetery, danced to the Pigrim Band at that frontier pub the Roebuck.

On this Broome trip of all the things which touched my emotion the most was while in Broome's China Town, several young men from Bidyadanga recognized me and without prompting asked after my son Tai whom they went to school with and played with in the mid 90's at The group of familiar faces smiled when I told them he is playing rugby and doing Polynesian cultural dancing (hula dancing) with a grass skirt at

Some of them looked looked very much like their fathers whom I'd taught science in the mid 70's in Broome.

Travellers are invited to write (by clicking comment) what they liked about they stayed at.

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