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Eagles Perth

Posted by Ben, May 21 2007, 05:46 PM

After taking my tall 10yo "Scarborough Seagull" football player son to Allen Park to watch him rucking in Sunday morning junior league football, (his second match ever)
IPB Image...
...I went for a surf in a rain storm which broke my board in two sad.gif Even worse: the next day was perfect glass. Sunday afternoon it was off to watch my favourite Australian rules football team play Melbourne at Subiaco Oval.
IPB Image
I remember going to watch East Perth and Swan District matches when I was son Jon's age, dressed in a woollen football jumper. This time, suited for the occasion, we were warmly greeted by very friendly, hostess Nadia.

Eagles strategy and skills helped beat Melbourne by 77 points. Chris Judd smarts, speed and strength were amazing. A super star athlete. Also a treat was an eagle next to me in this photo.
IPB Image
The photographer thought he'd snapped this photo with my eye shut. My right eye was shut most of the time because with a hooked beak and talons like that, so close to me, I was worried for my eye...

Surf Life Saving Photos

Posted by Ben, Mar 30 2007, 03:05 PM in Water Sports

Great weather for the 2007 Western Australian Surf Life Saving Championships and the Aussies brought large crowds of spectators to Scarborough Beach to watch this uniquely Australian water sports event. Tens of thousands of people came from all over Australia. It was good to hear Steve Howard of News Corp donate one million dollars to Surf Life Saving Australia. It'd be good to see more corporate donations to worthwhile causes.
IPB Image
The surf boat racing events took place right in front of the Perth surf cam but after working for over a year, the camera stopped working the day the Masters events started. I had to dismantle it and take the camera for repair. However I did take some nice surf carnival action photos.

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Night Surfing

Posted by Ben, Mar 7 2007, 08:29 PM

Night surfing tonight was a first for me; helped by lights from the new Scarborough Beach amphitheatre. I've seen night surfers at City Beach but now I've experienced it in small waves. It was difficult to see waves coming including distance and size but once standing and surfing towards the beach, light from the amphitheatre was enough to reflect brightly off the surface of the water. It'd be nice to have some powerful flood lights pointed right on the waves for hot night surfing. I've been spearfishing at night when sleeping fish in the middle of the South Pacific are an easy non-moving target. I've been sailing at night in the South Pacific. Surfing at night adds a unique water sports experience to the surfing sport I love.

Wish You (pink pig) Were Here, Rock Art

Posted by Ben, Feb 12 2007, 07:50 AM

Last week I went by coach to Wave Rock on assignment. Going past Guildford Grammar I noticed first years' induction tours. The students still having to wear ties on the hottest of Australian summer days. This European tradition is one of the things I resented about Guildford. Culture verses logic? Just as I thought wearing of long robes in the humid and hot (54 degrees) Arabia was illogical so to do I believe wearing neck ties in business culture of the Western countries illogical. Being driven this time was a good way to catch up on rest after working 20 hours straight the day before.
IPB Image
At Wave Rock it was good to catch up with hospitable clients of mine from 5 years ago. Part of my assignment was to get new and improved content for www.waverock.com.au now that broadband is widely available. At 1pm I was out in the main street taking photos of great street art without my hat. I the wind on my skin felt hot as did my metal camera. Later I learned it was the hottest day on record. Their unusual 49 degrees was OK to me after living in Arabia. The first time I'd seen "Format...

Australia Day

Posted by Ben, Jan 29 2007, 10:48 AM in Water Sports

Australia Day

Would have liked to have watched beach cricket at Scarborough Beach Amphitheatre but it was the one day per month to help my mum and since I'd already postponed the day, I missed the cricket.

Cycled to Hillarys with Jon to watch fireworks display on the Sunset Coast.

Went sailing on Sunday (4mb video clip) morning half way to Rottnest Island (but turned back because the wind dropped) and went body surfing at Brighton Beach Sunday afternoon.

Big Surf

Posted by Ben, Jan 14 2007, 03:24 PM

Last week my large wave body boarding neighbour kindly phoned an invitation to come down south because the wind and wave swell forecasts were for big waves near Cape Naturalist, 3 hours south of Perth. For "The Farm" surf break at Eagle Bay to work, the swell has to be a good size. It is an easy enjoyable surf spot. Another day we left Dunsborough at dawn for Three Bears on the west coast of the coastline near Cape Naturalist. I love glassy conditions but not only was it glassy but with size too, which upon getting out to the surf line up, caught me inside while my surfing mate took a late takeoff on his buggie-board on a nice shaped wave. That was the price I paid for going out straight away without me usually scoping out a new surf location because this time at dawn it was a race to get as much surfing in before 3 Bears became too crowed. Sometimes big horries would form up way out. Finally I got the perfect wave. Very easy take off compared to Scarborough Beach with plenty of time to turn my mini-mal for a glassy backhand ride which finally, at the end of long ride, popped me in...

Snorkelling Perth

Posted by Ben, Dec 27 2006, 02:53 PM

Only a few metres west of Perth's Sunset Coast in knee deep water, a whole very different underwater world exists next to a nearly dead arid zone. The Marmion Marine Park north of Trigg Island is TEAMING with marine life. Went snorkelling in Perth's Indian Ocean wonder world today with my son. For the first of 10 years I used to spear fish every day except Sunday, to feed tourists on sailing tours until I figured out reliable sail trolling in the Aitutaki lagoon. At Marmion Marine Park it was Jon's second year of snorkelling training. This year he locked arms instead of riding on my back. As a father and son bonding exercise, snorkelling in Perth's ocean waters is one of the best. As Crosby Stills Nash and Young sang: "teach your children well" After a couple of hours Jon had confidence to snorkel shallow water without clutching to a fellow snorkeller.
IPB Image
When he saw me eating sea grapes (Maori name: "rimu") insitu, he fossicked for a few more.
The reef was alive with rock cod, large whiting, schools of brim and herring though this year we didn't see any...

Summer Solstice

Posted by Ben, Dec 23 2006, 08:38 PM

Summer Solstice this year fell on the 22nd December. Combined with the daylight saving trial meant that at 9pm tonight, after a sweaty day gardening for my old mum, I had the latest most enjoyable in years. The warm Indian Ocean Leeuwin Current, no wind, and rolling surf enjoyed by boady boarders and surf board riders in the red sunset glow at 9pm was for me, euphoric.

Day light saving Perth Online Poll.

Christmas Function

Posted by Ben, Dec 14 2006, 08:45 PM

There have been some lavish Christmas functions in Perth this year thanks to the boom economy but I think our Christmas function was the best; in a charter boat straight from Fremantle to a good surf spot at Rottnest Island. The waves were great. Left and right handers peeling off a reef break at "Strickos" Yahoo!
IPB Image
That's me at the line up, surrounded by Indian Ocean dolphins at Rottnest Island, a distance of 18km west of Fremantle, Port of Perth.

Lunch at the Rottnest Island Tea Rooms restaurant was full of Christmas cheer with staff of the Virtual Medical Centre where I've been doing regular contract work this year. Thanx fellas for 2006 and a great Christmas function. By coincidence one of the directors is a good keen surfer

Merry Christmas & Happy New Year

Posted by Ben, Dec 10 2006, 06:33 PM

Merry Christmas to friends and family. To all those nice people whom I came into contact with in 2006 may Christmas in Perth be a joy to you and your friends. This year a special thanx to the people who have made my life joy:
My close friend and son Jon.
The Gregory's of Balcatta
Lance and Doreen of Bridgetown for their coming wedding
Mum in Ballajura
Sister Jody and her husband Nick in East Perth
Sister Barbara and her cinematographer husband Phil in Sydney.
All my Monday afternoon workmates at the Virtual Medical Centre in Osborne Park. They've got a great new Blog
Joan and close neighbours at Brighton Beach
Fellow BNI Ocean Beach Chapter Members
Jerry the videographer, Osborne Park
Fellow Australia Dutch Business Association members
Staff of Scarborough Primary School
All my other friends I've seen this year in Perth, too many to mention here.
All my friends far away in Broome, Bidyadanga, Laverton, Kalgoorlie, Aitutaki, Qatar

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