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Who is driving your limo

Posted by carbon black limos, Jun 29 2010, 04:40 PM

When hiring a limousine in Perth one of the most important things to consider is who will be driving you the owner driver or the employee. The service you receive may differ a lot between the two one has the customers interest at heart the other has his or hers paycheck. Imagine hiring Perth limo and itís the limo driverís first job. You want to be able to sit back relax and enjoy your Perth limousine experience without having to explain where you are going to some novice driver or arrive late to your destination .
Itís far better to be driven by an owner than be driven by a part time driver. Professionalism and experience go along way. A fully trained experienced chauffeur understands your needs and requirements is flexible and have an impeccable knowledge of Perth.
These days it seems everyone wants to be a Perth limousine operator and their lack of knowledge and experience shows in the service they deliver
A bad operator can ruin your Perth limousine experience A great one can make your experience a memorable and enjoyable one
If you are hiring a limo in Perth it is worth asking who will be driving you.
Do they own the car or just drive it?
How long have they been a chauffeur?
Have they had any formal training as a chauffeur?
Do they have police clearance to work with children?
Do they have all the appropriate license endorsements?

Many people overlook this and hire a Perth limo on cheap price alone. All too often cheap prices equal cheap service.
As we are Perth limousine operators ourselves we know the costs involved in operating a reputable limousine company.
If there cutting corners in the way they operate their business are they cutting corners on the road?
Lately the horror stories we hear of bad service, poor vehicle presentation, rude drivers, limousines being late or not arriving at all and double booking or late cancelations have become far too common.
When hiring a Perth limousine choose carefully and do your research
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