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Making More Money

How to Get 100% of Appointments

This is so cool I just had to share it. You might not get 100%, but I guarantee you'll get close to it and this will change your life as well as your bank account. And you only have to learn 2 simple sentences.

You can use this strategy passively (as in when someone says "What do you do?") or you can commence the strategy yourself by saying something like "Wanna hear something amazing?"

Your 2 Sentences:

"Well, I could give you the complete presentation, but it'd take an entire ....... minute. When might you have an entire ..... minute so I could explain?"

Almost 100% of people will not want to make an appointment and will seek to fob you off by saying "How about now?"

Now all you need is a (real) 1-minute presentation that is amazing, engaging, funny, or a combination of all of those, which tells people what happens when they engage with you and your company.

If you want the structure for the 1-minute presentation call me on 9246 1977 in business hours and I'll gladly share, for free of course!

Let's change the playing field in your favour!

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