We take the hassle of Australian trade mark registration away from you without charging anywhere near as much as IP lawyers in Perth. If you're into trademark prosecution or trade mark infringement defence then we can recommend some Perth Lawyers.

We have the experience of having done many Australian trade mark registrations in Perth. Here's one we did a few years ago:
IPB Image

While we can give tips such as when you can use the "R" or "TM" symbol after your trade mark, we don't do hours of trade mark consultation over the phone free of charge. For more information: www.trademarkregistrationaustralia.info or phone 0418958799 for an appointment or open a professional account for one hour more than our 5 free minutes of Australian trade mark registration advice or for Australian trade mark search and reporting to you.

If you want to extend your trade mark durisdiction beyond Australia, we have a legal affiliate in the USA.