The St John's School 40kmp school zone speed trap on Scarborough Beach Road is to get flashing lights. As mentioned on the old Scarboro Bulletin board, for the reasons mentioned below, it was a real fund raiser. I would not have minded if the funds went to the school but for the thousands of dollars ripped off unsuspecting motorists, flashing lights, which was one of my suggestions, can't come soon enough.

The Speed Trap:
  • Surrounded by visual signage pollution
  • The thin profile of the warning flag was lost amongst the visual pollution, especially when school came out in the afternoon SEA BREEZE. I can imagine there are some who don't understand the importance of this so let me spell it out. When driving with the westerly sea breeze you don't see the flag except for the small profile of it which wraps round the flag POLE. Hint: Scarborough Beach Road is a West/East road, If the breeze was a southerly for example, you'd see the school crossing flag but most of the time the sea breeze is a westerly.
  • Another problem with time base changing speed zones is that not everyone has a watch all the time nor any other method of telling what time it is.
This last reason while not common, alone is reason enough to stop discrimination against people without watches or car radios, refund fines until flashing lights are installed. How dare print media sensationalise and tar speeding drivers in this school zone. Their one sided reporting of interviews with police only rather than victim ripped off drivers and school kids, deserves reporting to the Australian Press Council.