I had a one month free (that's the hook) trial of a Real.com media player. Real wanted my AMEX card details. When I discovered the first debit I contacted AMEX who advised me of the Real URL where I could cancel the media player service. I completed the online form to stop the Real service however Real continued to debit AMEX. I cancelled my AMEX card but the AMEX Indian rep say the billing will continue even though the card is cancelled. I sent an air mail letter to Real in the USA with a cc to AMEX to cease and desist billing AMEX (sic) for a service I don't use. It included a print out of the Real online form, cancelling the service. Despite me telling AMEX that I refuse to pay except for the first month, AMEX keep copping the monthly fee from Real on my behalf month after month with no end in sight, plus want to bill me debt collection fees and their collector's court fee plus threaten to give me a bad credit rating.

Can anyone advise what I should do?