Road Rules Perth

Road rules in Perth are learned before drivers pass theory exams to get learner plates - "L" plates. Tourists and Perthites need to follow road rules in Perth to avoid road trauma. Unfortunately many Perth drivers have forgotten basic road rules of Perth. I fear for my safety sometimes when ignorant, stupid people get behind the wheel. If you feel the same and want to write on this forum about broken road rules feel welcome to write. I'd like to read about your incident / accident so I can be more watchful and a more defensive driver / cyclist.

Road Rule: No over taking in or near intersections:.Today I was cycling back from a business meeting in Scarborough, going through a rounder-bout, wanting to turn right up Karrinyup Road when an ignorant woman driving a truck (big black 4WD) with a white poodle on the seat, passed me in the middle of the rounder-bout. Her truck blocked my ability to turn right up Karrinyup Road.

Road Rule: Turning vehicles at uncontroled intersections must give way to pedestrians. At controlled intersections turning vehicles facing green turn arrows must still give way to pedestrians who might also have green walk lights ahead. Green arrows do NOT give you right of way over pedestrians.

Road Rule: Vehicles including Harley Davidson motorbikes are not permitted to make excessive noise. Nice machines but what annoys me are owners which remove or modify exhaust mufflers and then rev up hills. There is a law against that. I wish the police in Perth would enforce it.

Post reports your near miss / accidents / fear and loathing caused by breaches of Perth road rules below.