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Full Version: International Bank Transaction Fees
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Bookkeeping costs grew hugely for my small business when we were made tax collectors for the Australian Taxation Office after introduction of the GST. It's out of all proportion to the size of my business.

My bank in the west introduced a new international bank transaction fee. Every time I register a domain name etc I have a new bookkeeping fee of a few cents to check and type into my bookkeeping software. Get internet banking you may say. I don't trust it nor the onus banks throw back at online banking users.

I object to piddly transaction bookkeeping wasted time. I'll be looking for a bank in the west which just gives me ONE monthly fee for piddly transaction fees banks charge.

I object to time wasted searching receipts for information amongst advertising.

I object to time wasted with tax collection and tax payment recording time.

I OBJECT to wasted time with financial transaction recording!!!
We are forced by employers and government to deal with banks. No more cash in a envelope every Friday afternoon.
We therefore are forced into paying HUGE fees to bankers (or should is say wankers) who haven't got a clue about domestic and international financial trends. We worry about risking our savings with these clowns. Fees for what services? Busted ATMs that don't work half the time I try to make a deposit. Online foreign exchange calculators which just now sent error messages from an ex Sottish bank and which bank? Hopeless. At least ATMs in Perth give you your credit card back before giving you cash. Not like ATMs in Bali which have an organised conspiritorial sting of stealing cards. ie Money then card from ATM. If you're not mesorrised about becoming a millionare on your first Bali ATM withdrawal and quick enough to get your card from an ATM you'll be OK.
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